Q: When are meals picked up after ordering?

A: We cook our meals on Tuesday nights and pick-up is on Wednesdays at the Smoothie Shop on 1130 Francis St. from 9:30am-6pm.

Q: When do online meal prep orders have to be placed?

A: Orders are to be placed Wednesdays thru Monday morning for pick-up on the next Wednesday. Orders placed after Monday morning will be reserved for the next week pick-up.

Q:What if I need to pick my meals up on a different day? Or if wednesdays don’t work for my pick-up day?

A: We can arrange for an alternative pick-up but the customer must reach out to us and arrange accordingly. If there is no communication regarding a different pick-up day or alternative pick-up location then it is to be assumed that the meals will be picked up on the designated Wednesday pick-up at the Smoothie Shop.

Q: How can I schedule the Gainz grill food truck for my event or party?

A: Go to our homepage and fill out the “request an event’ forum to make arrangements for your event. You can also contact us directly through our email, our facebook page, or over the phone.